Ruth |Week 1

by Pastor AJ | Pastor AJ kicks off our new series focussed on the story of Ruth. He sets the scene that we will be in for the next few weeks as we study the book, we see how God's plan can be unforeseen in our lives.

Ruth |Week 2

by Pastor Zach | In our second week of our Ruth series, Pastor Zach looks at Ruth chapter 2, where we read the story of Ruth working in Boaz's field, and see Ruth's humbleness in her service to her Mother-in-law.

Ruth |Week 3

by Pastor Zach | This week Pastor Zach wraps up our series on Ruth by looking at chapters 3-4. God cares for Naomi and Ruth. Even through disobedience God provides a family redeemer through Boaz. No matter what you might be going through in this life. God CARES about every detail and has a plan for you!