Job | Week 1

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach starts our new series about Job and sets the scene for the rest of the story, where we will learn the significance of suffering. He also challenges us to consider what we are known for to others and to God.

Job | Week 2

by Pastor Zach | In week two of our study on Job, Pastor Zach shows all the suffering that Job went through in chapter 1, and talks about Job's response. He challenges us on what our response is when hard times come to us.

Job | Week 3

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach continues to talk about the story of Job this week. He looks at chapter 2, where the suffering continues for Job. We also look at how we should respond when people around us are suffering.

Job | Week 4

by Pastor AJ | This week Pastor AJ covers over 20 chapters in the book of Job. He outlines the advice that Job's friends give him, noting that unlike what his friends think, suffering is not always punishment from God.

Job | Week 5

by Pastor Zach | This week Pastor Zach finishes up our Job series by picking up where the story left off last week. Job requests a trial from God, because of all that he's gone through. God reminds Job that He's the one who's in control.