The Greatest Week in History |Week 1

by Pastor Zach | "The Greatest Week in History," the week leading up to Easter, will be the focus of our new series. Pastor Zach looks at the story of Lazarus in John 11 and the story of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem in John 12. In these stories, the religious leaders miss the point of Jesus’s mission because they created their own watered-down version of God. Pastor Zach challenges us to examine our version of God and make sure that we have a real relationship with him.

The Greatest Week in History |Week 2

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach continues this week in our series about "The Greatest Week In History." We take a look at Mark 12, where Jesus tells a familiar parable about the prophets that the Jewish people rejected over the years. It makes us ask the question today: Are we accepting or rejecting Jesus?

The Greatest Week in History |Week 3

by Pastor Zach | In the continuation of "The Greatest Week In History," Pastor Zach tells the story of the Last Supper and Judas's betrayal. Following Jesus's example we take Communion together, as we remember what Jesus did to save us.

The Greatest Week in History |Week 4

by Pastor Zach | On Easter weekend, Pastor Zach continues in our study of "The Greatest Week in History." Today, he tells the greatest story in history: The story of Jesus's death and resurrection. It makes us all ask the unavoidable question: What are we going to do with Jesus?

The Greatest Week in History |Week 5

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach finishes up our series about The Greatest Week In History. At this point in the story, Jesus is alive, appearing to people, and telling his disciples to continue to follow him and to tell others about him. Just as his early disciples were responsible for building the early church and reaching our community today.