Borrowed Time |Week 1

by Pastor Zach | As we kick off 2021, we're starting a brand new series for called Borrowed Time. Pastor Zach teaches from 2 Timothy chapter 1, where Paul is encouraging and telling Timothy to share his faith.

Borrowed Time |Week 2

by Pastor Zach | This week Pastor Zach continues our series Borrowed Time. We look at 2 Timothy chapter 2 where Paul is writing to Timothy encouraging him to keep focused on the mission, purpose, and work of leading others to Jesus. So let's purify ourselves and be set apart, to be useful for Jesus.

Borrowed Time |Week 3

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach continues our current series, Borrowed Time. We look at 2 Timothy chapter 3, where Paul tells Timothy and us that Christians will inevitably face persecution for believing in Jesus.

Borrowed Time |Week 4

by Pastor Zach | Pastor Zach finishes up our series Borrowed Time in 2 Timothy chapter 4, where Paul writes to Timothy about his perspective on his life as he approaches the end of it. He challenges Timothy and us to put in the hard work that it takes to reach people for Christ, and promises us that it's worth it.